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Chapter 14 (The End!)

So maybe this story could have gone on for a little longer... but I've found with writing that when it seems right to end it, it is then the right time to end it. I know this was supposed to be a hockey boy story and it was, but I like to think in my perfect little world that the hockey boy doesn't always get the girl because sometimes the non-hockey boys are sometimes just as special, if not more.  Of course this is the case with Jack. It was supposed to end like this in my head, but Jack's character grew a little larger into the story than I originally intended and here we are.

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So since this is done the main project will be Make Me Believe which is about James Neal.  If you are not a Pens fan and are possibly tired of all the Pen Fan Fic like I sometimes can be, please check it out anyway because it actually starts in Dallas (which is where I originally began following Neal) and as a Flyers fan, I will not be getting overly mushy with the rival team on the other side of my state. (Sorry to my Pens fans, it's all good. haha) So check it out or just keep an eye out for other stories I might post... You can choose from Price, Stamkos, Lupul, Savard, and a Bobby Ryan fic that I have lying around in my archives... let me know!!

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Ch. 14

Jarret and I scrubbed my new home from top to bottom.  He also helped do a few little repairs that needed to be done before I could move in.  I was grateful for his help and kept telling him so until he grew tired of hearing it.

“You know what?!” he growled, causing me to squeak in surprise because I quickly found myself slung over his shoulder.

“I hope you’re going to tell me soon and put me down!” I cried.

“I’m glad you’re Jack’s because I don’t think I could put up with this thankful fawning much longer from you!  I think I liked you better with you giving me a hard time about everything.”

“I am just trying to make sure you know how much I appreciate your help…” I began but soon I shut my mouth, quickly becoming worried at where he might be taking me, especially when he stepped outside and began walking down the back steps towards the above ground pool that Elsie had put in a few years back.  “Jay!  You better not be taking me…” SPLASH! “…where I think you are taking me,” I finished my sentence after spouting out a mouthful of water like a cupid fountain in a fancy garden.  “You are damn lucky I don’t have my phone in my pocket!”

“Even if it was, I would have bought you a new one,” he laughed while pulling his t-shirt over his head and making haste in emptying his pockets.  “It’s fucking hot and we’ve been working our asses off to get this house clean.  The volunteer help wants a break.”

I sighed in total agreement while I leaned back in the water and did a couple backstrokes in the pool so that he could get in without jumping in on top of me.  I was still in my clothing, but there was no point in getting out of them now.  “I guess after these last few weeks you are probably happy to be heading back to LA, eh?”  I asked, trying not to stare at his chiseled shirtless self and reminding myself how sexy Jack looked naked over top of me which I actually found a lot hotter than Jarret.

“I’m actually kind of dreading to head back to reality,” he divulged as he grabbed an errant noodle that had been left behind from one of the neighborhood kids that frequented the pool.  “It’s been a nice vacation from all the fake smiles and fake boobs.  I’ve been able to get some priorities in line and I’ve made a new best friend that I’m sad to not be taking back to LA with me,” he finished with sad puppy lips to accentuate the idea.

“I’m sure you’ll meet more than enough girls in LA that will comfort you,” I laughed, splashing him with water.

He laughed, throwing a handful of water back in my direction.  “This is probably true, but I think I’m going to take my time and make sure they have a few more qualities about them that I used to just overlook.”

“So you are telling me you are looking for someone to put you in your place and be indecisive when it comes to the actual relationship?” I grinned.

“Exactly!” he exclaimed with our boisterous laughter bouncing off the water, probably allowing us to be heard throughout the neighborhood. 

Wednesday afternoon he left for Saskatoon and by Friday he would be back in LA.  I couldn’t help but cry.  Not only was I losing my new best friend, but I was going to be alone.

“You’re going to be fine, Beth.  I’ll call you when I get to LA.”


“Yeah, babe?”

“Thank you for everything.”

“No, thank you for showing me how much I needed certain people in my life; this has definitely been a summer I will never forget.”  At that he leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips, as if he was sealing the envelope on everything we had shared together this summer.  “Love you Beth.”

“Love you too, Jay.”

And at that he was gone.

I stepped on the plane, walked to my seat and sat down.  After digging out my IPod for the flight, I looked out the window and watched another plane take off.  I always insisted on having a window seat, just for that purpose.  The plane-ride was going to be bittersweet.  I spent a day in Saskatoon with some friends and now I was headed back to the fishbowl that was LA.  Who would have thought a summer could change someone’s life; especially someone who thought they had it all figured out.

I meant what I said to Beth.  She made me realize that there were more than just a few things missing with the women I had gotten serious in the past.  The main thing being, I was allowed to be myself when I was with Beth.  There were no expectations on how I was supposed to be except for the expectation to be myself. 

When I was with Rachel I was the arm trophy for an older woman who was past her prime.  With Katie I felt as if I had to reinvent my past, almost becoming ashamed that I had come from such a hard working past.  She grew up in a famous family and had been handed everything on a silver platter, making her used to growing up under the limelight, something I had begun to despise after all the tabloid publicity/scrutiny I got after I broke it off with Rachel.  I had to deal with a lot of media pressure, even in the locker room about supposedly breaking it off via e-mail; which was a total lie.

Truthfully, maybe I didn’t need a woman to make me happy in life.  Some guys needed someone to be there for them when they got home.  Me?  Well, I just needed some good friends to hang with and be able to trust.  That’s it.  I’m going to be a happy, single man.  Who needs the burden of a woman?!  Not this independent man.

“Excuse me?” a sweet voice spoke, pulling me from my thoughts.  I must have looked like a complete douche because I’m sure I had some stupid ass grin on my face from the inner-monologue conversation I had just been having with myself.  Instead of wiping the smile completely off my face, I found myself grinning even broader at the familiar, beautiful brunette batting her eyelashes at me.

“Yes?” I tilted my head.

“I was wondering if you would mind if I took this empty aisle seat?  You see, they gave me a window seat and I can’t stand sitting next to the window, and the old lady next to me a few rows back also feels the same way, so she won’t switch with me…”

She was heart stopping, somehow I was able to speak.  My mind involuntarily began replaying through all the movies I had seen her in.  The last thing it played through was the video taken of her at the Stanley Cup Finals a couple months ago in Boston where she was dancing and being goofy on the jumbo-tron.  I remember how I found it endearing and that I wouldn’t mind meeting her one day and possibly asking her on a date.  “Of course you may,” I said, trying not to sound overly excited about it.  I quickly stood up and took her carry-on from her hands and placed it in the over-head storage as she gushed thank-you’s.  Before sitting down I reached out my hand to shake hers’ and introduced myself.  “Hi, I’m Jarret Stoll.”

“Rachel McAdams,” she smiled sweetly.  “You play for the LA Kings, right?”

“Yes, I do,” I said simply.

“I love hockey,” she winked at me while plopping down into her new assigned seat.

And I love LA. 

It was a hot Thursday evening, and Bruno wasn’t even interested in getting up off the cool cement floor of the bays when I walked in the building, so I just threw a couple bones down in front of him and walked into the crew room.

“Rick!  I swear, this new station better having fucking air-conditioning because I can’t stand this any longer!” Liz called out, facing the computer screen and not even bothering to look behind her.  Her copper hair was thrown up in a messy pony-tail with errant pieces either curling out from the sides or stuck to her sweat glistened neck.  As beautiful as she was all dressed up for a night on the town, I’d have to say I liked her the best looking just like this.  She was my wild girl and I felt it was a privilege to know this side of her.

“I know of ways to get you cooler,” I breathed into her ear, easily sliding my hands down to her sides to tug playfully at her shirt.

“Jack?!” she squealed loudly as she leaped off the chair and into my arms in one fluid motion.  “What the hell are you doing here?! Oh my God and why are you in your uniform for here?!  Wait, what is going on?!”

“How am I supposed to answer you when don’t stop asking questions?” I laughed at her enthusiasm.

“How can I not have so many questions?!” she yipped back while jumping up on me, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms tightened around my neck, causing me to tap on one of her forearms so that she would get the hint she was choking me.  Luckily she quickly got the hint and loosened her choke-hold on me.  “Sorry!!!” she drew out, laying her head on my shoulder so that she could nuzzle her face into my neck.

I craned my neck a bit to nudge her with my nose.  She lifted her head and before answering any of her questions I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers.  She too was eager for the kiss and her enthusiasm showed as she kissed me back.  If it wouldn’t have been for the god-awful heat/humidity the kiss probably would have lasted longer, but I pulled back after a few moments to break it off.  “Hi,” I smiled down at her as she unhinged herself from me and stood almost a whole foot shorter in front of me.

“Hey,” she breathed, still sporting a confused facial expression.

“So I was wondering if you had any room in that new house of yours.  I’m looking for a place to stay since Taylor is already moved into my old one…”

“And why would you need a place to move into?” Liz asked, raising an eyebrow and biting back a smile.

“It’s seems that Elsie donated a lot of money to the squad…”

“Yeah, that is true.”

“It also seems she made the board change some by-laws before the money would come to them…”  Instead of saying anything she furrowed her brow and looked at me, placing her hands on her hips.  “Some of those by-laws have to do with allowing couples to work together,” I continued, unable to hide my smile, especially as I watched things click into place on Liz’s face.

“We can work together?” she whispered loudly.

“If you want to…”

The expression on her face instantly changed, making it seem as if she went into deep thought about it.

“Liz?” I asked, suddenly becoming a little worried because the seconds were flying by.  “If…I…well if we think this is rushing things then I guess I can work with Taylor for the time being, but I’d rather not…”

My words were cut off by a sudden burst of hysterical laughter from her.  “You are a piece of work, Jack!”

“Why you little shit,” I growled, pulling her to me once more.

“Well, I do have every right to fuck with you because I’m fairly sure you used the excuse of not being able to see each other to get more sex out of me this weekend.  It’s obvious to me that you knew about this change in the by-laws before I even got down to Saskatoon this past weekend…”

“Maybe,” I chuckled, pulling her tighter against me so she couldn’t hit me.  “But I highly doubt the amount of sex that occurred this past weekend would have decreased even if you did know I was moving back home.”

At first I could tell she wanted to challenge this, but I felt her relax a bit in confirmation as she allowed a smile to grace her face.  “You are probably right.”

“So can I be your roommate?”

“Bruno might be jealous…”

“Bruno will just get fat from me giving him treats constantly,” I chuckled.

“I might not want a bed buddy.”

“That’s fine, you can sleep on the couch,” I grinned right before she punched me in the stomach.  “Or not,” I grunted out.

She laughed before throwing her head backwards and cried out, “Elsie!  You are AMAZING!!”

I personally couldn’t agree more.


ayf said...

Oh, what a great ending! I loved this story. They're perfect together. Of all your wonderful stories, this is definitely one of my favorites!

And thank you for the shout out! Seeing the last chapter on my dashboard was already a treat, but to get a shout out is awesome!

Another great story...looking forward to reading more.

Enjoy the playoffs and I hope you post more stories during the summer when I'm DESPERATE for anything hockey!

I Love Canadian Boys said...

Great ending! I'm glad you gave Jarrett someone to be with :)

As for Jack and Liz, I can see why you chose Jack instead of Jarrett... He's perfect and they are amazing together!

Your writing is amazing and I am also gonna thank you for your shout out! I love reading your stories and I love commenting on them too!

I can't wait for more stories but for the time being, I'll read Make Me Believe! :)

MelTing said...

Ha, well you already know what I think about choosing the non-hockey player over the hockey's a great idea!

Rachel McAdams has looked completely cute and sweet at the playoff games (although she was a total pain as a fiancee in "Midnight in Paris")so it's lovely that Jarrett gets a happy ending too.

A sweet ending to a fun story, congrats. I can't wait to see what new teams you bring to life next.

Meaghan said...

You make me fall more in love with your stories each time! You did an amazing job! It was so hard to pick a side but I loved the ending! The hockey guy isn't always the perfect guy! Everyone got their happy ending in the story and we got ours!

I always look forward to your stories! Keep up the great work and don't ever stop! Thank you for creating an amazing story!:)

Anonymous said...

I love Rachel McAdams.

I was totally Team Jack. but I'm glad, a happy ending for all!


HockeyFireChick said...

Thanks ladies!!! You peeps are the best and sure do make a writer feel good. :o)