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Chapter 6

A/N: Sorry for the little pause... I literally re-wrote this chapter 4 times before this all came out. Ah, the lovely thought processes in writing... Life would probably be easier if I wrote out an outline or something while writing, but then again, I don't think things would come out half as good if I did start doing that. Hope you enjoy the fruits of this labor!
Soundtrack for the chapter: The Black Keys - I Got Mine : note, my soundtrack choices for this story are basically coming from the stuff I'm listening to while writing, so if you check out the lyrics, they might not always make a lot of sense to what you read... so just read and enjoy the tunes.

Ch. 6

If I had to give a report card on how things between Beth and I were doing, then I’d give it a B+.  The only reason it wasn’t an A was because of the fact that we hadn’t been in bed together yet.  Not that sex was everything, but damn, the way she pranced herself around me only made me want her more and more.
To my Grandma’s delight, Beth and I had become basically inseparable.  We were constantly doing things together.  I had taken her to a movie last night, it was an old black and white film but it didn’t matter because I just enjoyed sitting there, holding her hand and stealing a few kisses here and there.  It had been a very long time since I had started a relationship this way, and I have to say it was refreshing.
I didn’t expect to know every little thing about her within the first week or two, but there were two things that she seemed to be mum about that were starting to get the better of me. 
The first thing was the fall-out between her and Jack.  As much as it wasn’t my business, it was.  Grandma said that the two of them had a huge fight and that they were no longer partners.  Beth had eluded to this fact the other day when we spent the day together, repelling, but she never did really talk about it after that.  She always seemed stressed if she had to stop by the squad and Jack was there.  In all honesty, there were just some things you could talk about right away when you began a relationship with someone, but there were other things that just were none of your business in the beginning.  The Jack and Liz situation seemed to be one of them.
The second one was probably just trivial, but even so I found it odd that she never allowed me to pick her up at her house.  In fact, I only saw her house that one night when I dropped her off after the golf tourney.  I mentioned something to Grandma about it, but she just shrugged her shoulders and mumbled something about Lizzie being stubborn about some things. 
The second concern was quashed when I decided to do some snooping of my own.  Wednesday afternoon I volunteered to go pick up a few things at the store for Grandma and on my way home I went down the street I had dropped Beth off at.  When I drove by the large brick house she had claimed to be hers, an older man was sitting outside on the porch on a rocking chair and an older woman was just coming out the door with 2 glasses of lemonade in her hands.  It was obvious they lived there and I remembered being introduced to them the other day because the man was actually the Mayor of Kamsack.
Beth had mentioned that it was just her and her dog, so I was fairly quick in deducing, the house was not hers.  I drove down a little farther and soon spotted her old pick-up parked in the driveway of an old ranch house that was in obvious need of repair.  The lawn was mowed and nicely landscaped, but the roof had a tarp over it and shutters were falling off.  She’s embarrassed by her house and lack of funds.  I get it, but it really bothers me that it bothers her enough to lie to me.
Probably against my better judgment, I pulled into the drive and parked behind her truck.  I walked up to the front door and attempted to ring the doorbell, but it didn’t work so I just knocked on the door.  Some loud howling came from the other side and I heard Beth cursing the howling culprit.  “Bruno, seriously!” she was still complaining as she swung the door open.  A look of shock covered her face when she found me standing on the other side.  She looked utterly ravishing in a pair of ripped cut-offs and an old t-shirt that clung to her in ways that made me wish I was the t-shirt.  Her copper curls were pulled up into a messy pony-tail that left many errant strands bouncing in the summer breeze that blew past me into the house.  “Hi.”
“I was out running some errands for Grams when I decided to stop in and see you.  I’m glad I remembered you mentioning that you didn’t live with anyone except for your dog, cause I’m fairly sure I would have made an ass out of myself when I knocked on the door of the mayor’s house,” I said in a slightly annoyed, slightly amused tone because she was too damn cute for me to actually be pissed off at something that could be considered trivial.
Beth stood there biting her lip, looking down at her toes as she rocked back and forth with her hands stuffed in the back pockets of her shorts.  “Yeah about that…” she began quietly.
“You really aren’t comfortable with the money situation are you?” I asked, not bothering to beat around the bush about shit.
She looked up at me, her beautiful blue eyes unable to hide the truth.  “Yeah, I guess it does bother me.  I have nothing and you make millions.  Hell, if you put us next in that old caste system, I would probably constitute as your servant,” she lashed out.
“If you’re my servant then you better get to work and start pleasing me,” I laughed, unable to be serious about it because it was totally absurd in my mind that she should worry about something so stupid.
“It’s not funny, Jay…I’m sure that if when you go back to LA and you tell the guys about the girl in Kamsack, they will laugh you right out of the locker room.”
I finally pushed my way inside and wrapped an arm around her in the process, easily picking her up around the waist and moving her so that we were both in the living room.  Sure, the place had an out-dated d├ęcor, but it was clean and homey.  I set her down and proceeded to rest my hands on her shoulders, to make sure she didn’t go far from me.  “Obviously you don’t know much about the guys I play hockey with.  Many of them came from small-towns like this all over Canada, including me.  Just because we make the big bucks now does not mean we forget about where we came from.  Is it easy to get wrapped up in all the glitter and lights when you suddenly have the money to be apart of that? Fuck yeah.  However, I found out that it isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.”
“Well you have to understand its a little daunting finding out you were engaged to Rachel Hunter and also find that you were dating Katie Cassidy…”
I left out a quiet chuckle, “Were you doing some internet stalking?”
She looked up at me shyly and nodded her head slowly.  “I couldn’t help it…”
“So if you wouldn’t have found out those things, would you be this bothered by it?”
“Well, I knew you were someone kind of popular, because let’s face it, even the professional bench warmer is someone special here in Canada, but I guess yeah, it might make things a little easier knowing you haven’t dated some of the prettiest women in Hollywood,” she basically pouted.
“What if I told you that you are more beautiful then them?”
“Then I’d have to say you a full of bullshit and you can turn around now and walk out the door,” her attitude coming back into her voice.
I left out a loud laugh at this, especially with the humored frown she had on her face.  “It sure makes things easier knowing that whatever I say you will probably never believe,” I said sarcastically.   “Guess I’ll just have to put more effort into showing you…”
“Showing me?” she asked confused.
At that I dropped my hands down to her waist and pulled her towards me, capturing her lips in the process.  She left out a surprised gasp as I slid a hand down over her ass and cupped it, pulling her firmly against me.  The kiss was in no way like the innocent ones we had shared the last few days, it was deeper and soon our tongues were battling for the upper hand.  I shivered as I felt her go up onto her tip toes and reach her arms up around my neck.  My dick instantly hardened from the friction of her movement and the blood from my head drained downward to it as she threaded her fingers through my hair, daring me to kiss her into oblivion.
It was as if she set every sensory nerve on alert as I could feel every inch of her against me, including her hardening nipples against my chest and her rising body temperature.  She surprised me by suddenly pulling back to break the kiss.  She rested her head against mine, looked deep into my eyes and whispered, “You make me think that things could be more between us.”
“I wouldn’t mind that,” I answered truthfully, rubbing my thumb back and forth on the soft spot at the base of her spine, right above the waist band of her shorts.
“Mmm,” she hummed back and I could have sworn I could actually hear the internal argument going on in her head.
I cocked my head to the side and went in for another kiss but she abruptly turned and grabbed me by the shirt, leading me down the hallway to the back of the house.

By doing this, I was probably opening myself up to problems later on down the line, but then again I couldn’t see things getting much worse at the moment, considering I had woken up numerous times during the week in diaphoretic state after dreaming about our night in Vancouver.  I was horny as hell and after the last few times with him, I found myself having to come home and change my panties.  After feeling him get hard during those few short moments of that passionate kiss, I knew there was no way I could keep holding out.
“We don’t have to if you don’t want to…” he said quietly as I pulled him into my bedroom.
“If you don’t want me…” I smiled playfully but ended my sentence with a squeak as growled and picked me up, throwing me on the bed.
I weakly attempted to get myself off the bed, but he crawled up over-top of me, giving me no chance of getting out of the room without having him fuck me senseless before hand.  He splayed his hands down on either side of me and bench pressed himself down over me so that the whole length of his body laid on me without putting his full weight on me.  His grey eyes had a devilish gleam in them before he closed them and pressed his lips to mine.
He soon was straddling me so that his hands could be all over me, leaving heat wherever he touched.  I surprised myself by leaving out a cry as he firmly cupped my breasts and massaged them.  He then mumbled something incoherent that probably had to do with the fact that we had too much clothing on because he suddenly pulled his shirt up over his head and then tugged on mine.  I arched my back, giving him room to remove it, along with my bra.  I’m fairly sure my bra hadn’t hit the floor before his lips were on my left nipple, rolling it between his tongue and teeth.  The day old facial hair on his face chafed against my sensitive skin, causing me to leave out a sigh of pleasure.  “Jaaay,” I breathed when he took my other nipple into his mouth.
“Yes, Beth?” he asked, moving himself aside of me and propping himself up on an arm.  I took in a sharp breath as I watched him flatten his tongue between my cleavage and drag it up my neck, licking me like he was tasting his dessert before taking a bite of it.  He ended his taste-test by running his tongue over my lips, making me open them for him to drink from me.  Feeling his hard chest against mine instantly made my sex ache and I could feel myself already getting wet for him.
“I’m nervous,” I whispered as he ended the kiss by nipping at my lower lip.
“About what?”
“Our last time together was so incredible…”
“Are you afraid what we do here today won’t live up to that night?”
“Yeah,” I mouthed, staring into his eyes.
“You haven’t disappointed me yet,” he smiled.
“I don’t have alcohol in me…so I can’t promise all the craziness of last time.”
“I’m not looking for craziness, Beth.”
“Oh, good,” I said, slightly relieved.
“What I’m looking for is…” he paused, ran his finger down my side, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind, efficiently undid the button of my jean shorts, lowered the zipper and slid it down underneath my panties.  I gasped as his cool finger slid in-between my hot, slick folds.  “What I’m looking for is you to be ready for me and it seems you are already there,” he mused hotly into my ear.  I wrapped my arms around him pulled him down against me as he pushed his finger into me.
“I’m reeeeadddyyyy,” I hissed.
At this he pulled himself out of my arms, grinned cheekily and tugged on my shorts and panties, pulling them off.  I felt exposed while he stood there looking at me longingly as he pulled down his shorts, freeing his thick, hardened length that I realized I hadn’t even begun to give it the respect it deserved in my dreams.  I observed him with a smile while he bent down and pulled a foiled packet out of his wallet, tossing it onto my belly.  I ripped open the package and coaxed him over to me with a finger and a sultry smile.  “Come here, Stoll,” I giggled.
He laughed as he crawled back up on the bed, straddling himself over me.  Being on his knees he was the perfect height for me to take him in my mouth when I propped myself up on my elbows.  A loud grown escaped from his mouth as I ran my tongue around the tip of his head before taking him fully between my lips.  I sucked him hard, making him curse.  “Fuck Beth, you are such the dirty girl.”
When I hummed in agreement, his eyes rolled back in his head before he closed his eyes to concentrate.  I began working him with my hand and mouth for a bit before pulling back, causing a loud pop as lips released him.  I looked up at him as I rolled the condom over his saliva glistened dick and he just smiled contently back down at me.  He shimmied his way back off the bed, tugged on my ankles to pull me to the edge of the bed.  We both watched as he took his cock in his hand and sighed together when he pressed it slowly into me, making it disappear and causing my muscles to stretch fully to accept him.
“Fuuuuuck,” I hissed while he left out a growl when he bottomed out in me.  I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him a little deeper and squeezed my PC muscles to get a reaction out of him.
“You are so fucking tight,” he groaned as he leaned down and grabbed roughly onto my tits for a purchase point.  I locked my ankles and fisted my hands in my comforter, holding on for the ride.  With each thrust, he pushed into me even farther making me cry-out with each hit.  It was on the verge of being painful, yet he was quickly building me up to the earth shattering orgasm he had given me that night in Vancouver.  Things were going full speed ahead but it quickly went into hyper drive when he unhooked my legs from behind him and pushed my knees back against my tits, completely changing the situation, causing him to hit my g-spot with every thrust-in.  My cries turned into screams, making Bruno begin to howl angrily outside the door of my bedroom.  Before I could even laugh at the absurdity the orgasm hit me and I yelled out an incoherent sentence of curse words along with Jarret’s name.  It was still tearing through me when he released inside of me.  He too was loudly cursing my name as I felt the extra heat fill my body.

“You interested in coming to Regina with me this weekend?” I asked quietly as we both lay sedately on the bed next to each other, allowing the warm summer breeze to cool down our body temperatures after the sexual workout we had just partaken in together.
She took in a breath and turned her head towards me.  “What do you have going on there?”
“My friend Scott Hartnell is having a fundraiser for his charity…”
“When are you leaving?”
“Tomorrow afternoon.”
“I work tomorrow night,” she said.
“Well, I guess I could wait til Friday morning,” I informed her sincerely.
“No, go.  Get out of this town before you do any other crazy things like buying a camper so that you can become a hermit or something.”
“Are you insinuating that the reason I just had sex with you is because I’m losing my mind from being here in this town?” I chuckled.
“You never know.  This town makes people do strange things,” she smiled.
“I’m okay with strange things if you consider yourself to be one,” I growled into her ear, making her squeal and roll away from me.
“You are evil!”
“Did that tickle?” I asked, laughing at her sudden outburst.
“It did!”
“I’m not sorry,” I declared while beginning to poke her body, causing her to yell out, making Bruno bark and howl loudly again.  “Thank goodness you closed your door, because I’m sure that dog would have mauled me after you began screaming…”
“He can’t hurt a fly.”
“That howl sounds vicious.”
“Ooo, the big bad hockey player is afraid of a harmless hound dog…” she mocked.
I quickly moved over top of her, pinning her hands above her head as I leaned down and growled into her ear.  “You want to make fun of me some more little girl?”  She was fidgeting underneath me, trying to break free, but there was no use.  She was strong, but not strong enough to move me.  “For that I’m making you pay,” I continued breathily into her ear before biting playfully into her neck.  The more she moved, the more I felt myself getting harder.
Seems like I will have to go back to the store and buy another container of milk, because I’m definitely going to be here a little longer…

It was Thursday night when I strolled into the station, ready to start my shift.  I smiled as I walked by Liz’s truck and into the station to find her sitting at the desk with her back towards me.
“Hey Paul!  I just need to finish up this chart on the computer and we can go grab a bite to eat!”  Liz called out as she heard me walk in, not even bothering to turn around and look.  She knew someone was here because Bruno got up from his spot on the floor and sauntered over to me, most likely checking to see if I had treats for him.  This was a normal thing between Bruno and me when Liz and I worked together.
“I figured we’d just cook out here for a change,” I spoke, while patting Bruno on the head and watching as her whole body tensed when she slowly turned around to look at me.
“What are you doing here?”
“Well, I work here,” I chuckled easily, praying that I could keep the atmosphere light.  Bruno licked my hand until I produced a couple milk bones from my pocket.
“Yeah, but you haven’t showed up around here when I’m working in the last…well, for over a week and a half now,” she said evenly, not sounding overly friendly yet not sounding pissed off either.
“It’s been almost two weeks,” I said calmly, setting my gear bag down by the door.  “Paul needed a last minute switch because his little girl is sick, so he and Sue took her over to the hospital.”
“So you are my partner?”
“It would seem that way,” I smiled to myself as I put the ingredients for dinner on the counter in the kitchen.
“Don’t sound so thrilled,” I laughed.
“I won’t,” she grumbled, turning back towards the computer screen.  “You aren’t ever thrilled to see me anymore…”
I walked behind her and put my hands on her shoulders and began to massage them, something I had done a million times over the last several years; each time she left out this erotic sigh and she didn’t disappoint tonight.
“I guess Paul doesn’t do this for you?” I asked, finding a knot that I firmly pressed my thumb into.  “You feel a mess.”
“Mmm, noooo,” she said incoherently while instantly relaxing and dropping her head forward so that it almost hit the desk.
I left out a laugh as I continued kneading her.  It was going to take things like this to get me back in her good graces.  I’ve been a real ass the last two weeks, so I had to make up for it and use the stuff in my arsenal to present myself in a better light.  After working a few knots out I rubbed her back for a mini-cool down and stepped back from her.
“I don’t think you are done.”
“My hands aren’t used to doing that anymore since you insisted on switching partners,” I said light heartedly.
“Well if you wouldn’t be such an ass for no reason,” she bit back, still on the playful side.
“I have my reasons for everything, you of all people should know this.”
She stood up at this point and stepped around the chair so that we were standing in each other’s personal space now.  The look in her baby blue eyes said it all before she spoke.  “I miss you, Jack.”
I took a step towards her and pulled her into my arms, holding her tightly against me.  She completed the hug by wrapping her arms around me and putting her head on my chest.  I bent my head down so that I could bury my nose in her copper hair and took a deep breath of the familiar scent I had missed the last two weeks.  It was the scent I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about every time I smelled the fresh honeysuckle blowing in my windows at my house.  Before she pulled back I whispered, “What are you doing this weekend?”
“No plans of anything,” she said quietly as she looked up at me, proper her chin on my chest, making it very hard not to just lean down a few inches and taste her lips.
“Let’s go camping.  I think it will do us some good to get out of here and just spend some time together.  We haven’t gone yet this year and it will give us time to talk about whatever we want to talk about.”  There, I asked.  This was a normal thing for us to do, but things were normal between us and I am not sure how she is going to react to this.
I watched in uncertainty as she bit on her bottom lip, thinking over my suggestion.  “I think that would be a good idea,” she said simply as a small smile played on her pouty lips.  Bruno barked right after she said the words and we both laughed.  “I guess we will be taking him along with us,” she giggled.
“No problem there,” I smiled, doing a mental happy dance that the first part of my battle plan seemed to be working.

Jack always had that way of getting me to relax with just the touch of his hand.  I was slightly surprised to find out that he was my partner for the night, but in reality, I was glad to see that he seemed to be getting over whatever issue he had the last few weeks.  It still bothered me that he was being slightly cryptic about things, but I hoped a weekend together would fix things. Camping sounded like a perfect idea.  I was in need of a weekend away from the dreamland I had been in for the last 2 weeks with Jarret.  I was kind of glad he was leaving for the weekend to hang with the guys.  I was still a little uneasy about the relationship that was blossoming between us.  The sex was nothing short of being wonderful the other night, but I still had no clue how things were going to work.  I was a woman of reason and my feelings for Jarret did not at all seem reasonable to me.  Plus, I needed to get things straightened out with Jack once and for all.  Jarret would be gone at the end of the summer, but Jack would still be here and he had been in my life a lot longer. 
This could be one long ass summer…


MelTing said...

Hooray, they're both being nicer and that's wonderful, because it's not really a choice unless they're both good candidates. The fact that she said yes to Jack makes me think that Liz has some questions herself.

Personally, I'd break up with anyone who made me go camping, but I can see that Liz is more fit and independant. Should be an exciting weekend!

I Love Canadian Boys said...

Ok so i'm happy that Jarret and Liz had a talk about her home and how she feels insecure compared to his exes.
Im glad she settled things with Jack too! Although i'm still rooting for Jarret, i hope everything goes well with Jack :)

Meaghan said...

I like how jarrett found out where she lives and that issue is resolved! I very excited for this camping trip! I hope her and Jack work it out! I do want her and jarrett together!